Sunday, September 21, 2014

Second Accordion Book

I did another accordion book and almost ruined it because after I had finished it I put the covers on, folded it up, and put a weight on it to let it dry. Unfortunately, the collage pieces weren't completely dry so when I unfolded it after the covers dried some of the collage pieces stuck to each other. I had to make some adjustments and I guess it's OK.
 Side one, collage and paint, all about women, 9/2014

 Close up of side one. Love the look on that girl's face.

 Side two, neutrals as in the one before.

The folded book -  painted deli paper, button, string.

Assemblage in Process

I've been working on this assemblage for a week or so. Here are some pictures of my process. In the first picture the box had a top but I ended up taking it off.
 Other things I tried didn't make me laugh but this did. 

 I took the lid off. This container of brads may make a good head.

Here he is with legs and a body. Now I just need a head and balls for arms. I'm not sure how to adhere those two things but I ordered some Apoxie Sculpt and I think that will help. Rosemary Luckett, my teacher, often uses dowels to adhere pieces, so I might end up doing that.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Accordion book. I want to make several of these.

Accordion Book, side one

Accordion Book, side two

Accordion Book, side two

Cover of accordion book

side one

side two

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some photos of my studio at Savage Mill, MD. I love having a studio!

My studio is in this building on the second floor. Savage Mill was a textile mill from 1822 to 1947.
My drafting table which I bought used. It is usually not this neat.
It's a mess, but a creative mess.
A couple of pieces I am working on.
View from the door.
Jointed doll I made. When I had an orthopedic boot on my foot, I put a boot on her.
Box of Mediums, Glazes, etc.
Raskog cart with paint in it.
Collage papers on my table.
What I like best about my studio: Big deep windows, ancient wood floors, having my stuff in one place, having room to do art.  

Saturday, September 6, 2014